Best neighborhood in Eugene, Oregon?
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Best neighborhood in Eugene, Oregon?

My lil' sister is taking a job at one of the TV stations in Eugene, Oregon, and doesn't know anybody and needs a few tips on where to look for an apartment. Is there a neighborhood that's best for young, single professional types who aren't making a ton of cash, but also don't want to live like college students?
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There really are no bad neighborhoods, but whitaker is kinda sketchy because of a small meth scene. I would rather be there than springfield though.
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last time i was there they were building a new tower in roughly the center of the city. Probably a bit on the spendy side, but likely this place wouldn't have been catering to the college scene. This was a while ago so it's easily finished by now.

Eugene is a small town and it gets rural fast. When i lived there a few years ago, the only neighborhoods I could distinguish were 1 - U of O neighborhood, which actualy has quite a few very nice houses, but is absurdly overpriced for rent 2 - Springfield, yes THAT Springfield, which in reality was the republican/logging/slightly nicer suburb side of Eugene 3 - everywhere else, which was mainly west Eugene.

Mind you its been a while since i actually lived there. I stopped by about 6 months ago and the police really cracked down around the college campus so now it's nice a clean and respectable, but still overpriced.

Sorry if that sounds really general, but that was my impression of the town when Iwas 20. If you have more specific questions feel free to send me an email, should be in my profile
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My brother lives in a nice little neighborhood off Jefferson, near the fairgrounds.

You really can't go wrong with anything immediately south and west of downtown.
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She might do well to live on either side of the river near Valley River Center. There are a lot of decent condos in the area, and the south side of the river sports a few cute pocket neighborhoods close to Skinner's Butte.

If she wants to live in a house, River Road is pretty great, especially on the east side -- a lot of dead end streets that back up to the bike path and river, very short jaunt into downtown.

Personally, I'd shoot for something downtown -- perhaps an apartment on Willamette Street or thereabouts. If she's young and media-oriented, being in the center of town will be a big plus.
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I'm in a similar situation. About 7 months ago I moved to Eugene and didn't want to slum-it-up college style but didn't want to be too far away from town or in an area out of my financial means.

I currently live about 2-3 miles south of campus in the South Hills area. The apartments are nicer, quieter and actually less expensive than those closer to campus. This area also has its own grocery stores, diners, bookstores, etc. although the main town area isn't too far either.

Eugene is so small compared to where I came from that besides Campus or Not Campus it is hard to distinguish specific areas or neighborhoods. The one specific neighborhood I do know of, Whitaker, is less than desireable -- petty crime, wandering vagrants, etc.

Feel free to contact me via the email that may or may not be in my profile (I'll update it if it isn't) if you/she needs more information. I'm pretty new here myself but I'll answer what I can.
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If she wants to walk everywhere, there are some cool apartments right downtown, over the Broadway Market. They aren't cheap, for around here, but may seem cheap to her (depending on where she comes from)....

If she wants to live in a big apartment complex, near shopping , with things like a clubhouse and the mall nearby, there are lots out by Valley River Inn-Goodpasture Loop area. I think they are kind of blah and they ain't cheap, but they are safe and clean. The bikepath is close by.

If she'd rather rent a place in a home, or in a more neighborhood setting, then near downtown can by nice, esp anything South and West of downtown, as a pp poster mentioned.

Farther south, the area around Willamette St between say, 13th and 29th is getting more and more fun. Cool shops, coffee places, etc. A lot of the apartments are a little dated out here, but it's a bit far from campus for most students, but still on bus lines, etc.

It's also probably worth checking out where her station is, if she wants to be reasonably close. If I remember correctly, they are a bit scattered around town.
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