Irish eyes are smiling on green beer
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Where can I find green beer in New York City on St. Patrick's day?

Ok, I'm beginning to think that green beer is like a "no fat chicks" shirt. Something everyone knows about but no one has ever actually seen in real life. Please no answers like "Try those cookie cutter Irish bars in Midtown" since all of these places, despite being cookie cutter, all have pretensions of aunthenticity and so would not have anything as gauche as green beer.

Thanks for helping me in my 32 year long quest!!!
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Adding dye to a keg isn't brain surgery, but most bars are reluctant to hook up a dyed keg to their taps, for obvious reasons. Your best best is a bar setting up an annex outside where beer is dispensed directly from the keg.

Or else bring your own green food coloring. Four drops to the pint generally does the trick. You'll be the life of the party.
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Last year, Dogfish Head released a green beer made with Spirulina rather than food coloring. It was more of a forest-green in color, and it was delicious. However, it seems that they're not brewing a batch this year.
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Pardon, four drops to the pitcher usually does the trick. Drop per pint.
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