Where to donate educational materials for use overseas?
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In greater Vancouver, is there a charity that takes donations of used educational equipment for re-use in developing countries?

I've heard of such a charity, and was given the name "Afritech" but cannot track any organization by that name down. My mother is a retiring teacher and has vanloads of educational materials (books, games, etc.) to be donated.

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Pastors for Peace collects medical and educational supplies from US and Canadian cities and delivers them to Cuba.
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I did a search of my charity resources but could not find anything local to Vancouver.

However, textbooks have a limited shelflife and most teachers would need a classroom set. The cost of sorting, culling and shipping books would seem to be very high, especially if books were accepted one by one.

Perhaps someone else will find the charity. If you come up empty-handed, perhaps your mom could consider donating the resources to a teacher education program at one of the local colleges. (Or perhaps to help new teachers trying to set up in impoverished areas / reserves, where there are few resources on hand.)
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Bridge to Asia.
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