Toys with magnets in their shoes
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Anyone remember a toy series from the '80s or '90s which had figurines about an inch or so tall with magnets in their shoes? I think they were part of M.A.S.K. in space, but I can't find any info about them.
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They were action figures, with head, arms and legs that moved.
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Was it Starcom?
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Yeah it looks like it was Starcom although I can't find the particular figure I'd seen, this guy in a dark & light grey suit.
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Thanks iconomy! I think Starcom is what I was looking for.
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Was it this guy? (backtrack on the link for more; that site is great for identifying Starcom toys).
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It was a Shadow Force guy either Capt. Mace or Sgt. Von Rodd. Either way Shadow Force guys look cooler in their black outfits.
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Holy crap! I forgot about how cool Starcom toys were! Thanks for reminding me!
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As a kid I had a sort of cheapo cousin/ripoff of the Vehicle Voltron (Voltron 1) idea, which came with little action figures that had rectangular magnets stuck to their feet so that when you put them in the little vehicles, they would stay in. They were tiny little guys, about 1 inch like you say, with metallic heads, plastic torsos 1 color and plastic arms and legs another color, sort of in the shap of futuristic armor. the magnets made it look like they were wearing platform shoes. Fun little guys. Don't remember what they were called. After cleaning out my parents basement I found them and actually gave them to a guy in my office where they sit today. No identifying markings on them though.
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Wow and Battle Beasts on the same page!!
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