Free Digital Audio Workstation?
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ElectronicMusicFilter: I'm familiar with Cubase SX through school and I've played around with FruityLoops in the past, and I'd like to download something similar that's free for use at home.

I don't have a MIDI keyboard. I do have windows XP, and fairly good knowledge of Cubase SX as I've worked with it in the past few months at school. I'd rather it be a free program rather than a free "demo", because I'd like to keep this thing for a while.
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Unfortunately, the reason most of those programs cost a fair amount of money is that there isn't many free programs out there that can compare.

I've used Finale Notepad before and been pretty happy with it, but be warned, it's professional-style music composition software, with the staff and actual notes. Cubase may be like this as well, and if so, apologies. Never used it.

Finale Notepad served me well for quite some time, though.
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Rebirth is now free. (You have to register on the site though).
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Cubase indeed does not use the staff and actual notes (i assume you meant sheet music? sort of?) and in fact a program that does use them would make my life a lot simpler.

thanks :)
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You might try krystal audio engine, I haven't tried it out so I can't speak for it's stablity. Also have a look at the other hosts on KVR.
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Agreed there's not much free in the way of complete multi-track recording with VST hosting, MIDI, etc.

There is an open source project for Linux/Mac OSX called Ardour which looks promising, but no port to XP for now.

Reaper is a multitrack recording app from some of the Winamp authors, but the feature list is not quite pro-level, plus its shareware, not freeware.

You also might try picking up an older version of Cubase, Digital Performer, or Cakewalk/Sonar off eBay for cheap.?..
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If you're willing to deal with Linux, Rosegarden looks pretty cool. I installed it on my Kubuntu box a while back, but I couldn't find any easily-available software synths to use. They're out there, it just takes a bit of effort, from the look of it. I read something about VSTi support coming, too..
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