How does the Orkut profile view feature work?
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The Orkut profile view feature seems to work in a strange way. It says in the Orkut FAQ that, as one might assume, the profile view feature is based on the users who view your profile. However, it appears that people searching for a name similar to your own will count as profile views if you are included in their search results, even if they do not click through to your profile.

That seems like a positively crazy way to count profile views to me. Is it possible? Do we have any orkut savants here on MeFi who can clarify how the profile view process works?

I have a very important bar bet riding on this question and a whole ten dollars is at stake! I am sorry my first question can't be about the wisdom of dumping an incredibly evil boyfriend who chains me in the kitchen and beats me with his crack pipe or whether or not I should see a doctor about a mysterious growth shaped like Richard Nixon's head erupting from my shoulder, but we have to ask the questions we have, not the questions we might like to have.
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Give me a search term that will bring up your profile, and, should you want to experiment, I'll happily search for you, mainly because of your last paragraph. On which subject, much more, please.
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