Short Film with Amon Tobin Soundtrack
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I'm looking for a short film I saw play at a Student Film Festival in Montreal in March of 2004. Details about the film within.

The story was a guy approaching a girl in a coffee shop, it had many quick cuts and was shown as if every possible outcome of conversation was shown. Obviously, there were a lot of wrong things said, but eventually a chain of correct exchanges established and they connected. It was in English, and had Amon Tobin's song "Nightlife" playing in the background (if it wasn't that song, but I'm pretty sure it was, then it was another song off the album "Permutation")

I apologize if this is vague. Searching for this has proven frustrating.
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I am not even sure what how to help you here, but you can try your search at this site, ""
Good luck searching. I hope you will find what you are looking for. Seem like a very interesting short film. By the way, Can't you contact someone who you might know about this film? (people who were in the festival or some teacher..) That might help as well.
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It sounds like a film of David Ives' Sure Thing. That may help you with the rest, which didn't immediately bear fruit for me ["sure thing" montreal student film].
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Best answer: Is it Perfect Timing - brief details found on the 2004 Montreal Student Film Festival site?
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Further to this, the Clermont-Ferrand Festival site lists Tobin as providing the soundtrack, so I guess it's the right movie.
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Response by poster: highrise, amazing! Thank you!
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