Cirque du Soleil kid-friendly?
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Is the Cirque du Soleil production “Love” kid-friendly?

My 2 daughters (5 and 7) have developed a taste for the Beatles, largely due to me constantly playing the “Love” CD in the car. It occurred to me that they might be ready to see the Cirque production, but I’m afraid that the show might not be appropriate for kids their age. My biggest concern is sensory overload: too loud, too many bright lights, explosions, pyrotechnics etc. (For reference, both kids are OK with the sights/sounds of movies on the big screen.) Has anyone seen the show with younger children?
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I have seen 'Love' at the Mirage, as well as all of the other Cirque Du Soleil shows In Las Vegas.

There is no need for you to be concerned about 'sensory overload' (aka explosions, etc.) The show follows a storyline of 'four lads' and a progression of their music from their early days in Liverpool to the "World Stage."

The 'lads,' played by young actors appear throughout the production -- all "G-rated."
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I saw Love a few months ago.

There isn't a lot of lights flashing, no explosions that I recall, and no pyrotechnics.

As far as "sexual" content, there is a little bit, but it is tasteful and not totally obvious.

It is a bit long, but keeps your attention.

And I saw LOTS of kids there.
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BTW -- check out video from "Love" at YouTube."
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I saw it late last year and can say it's definitely G-rated. One of the best shows I've a matter of fact. :-)
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I saw the show in October and it was amazing. It was loud, however. I think my comment was "it's as exactly as loud as it needs to be". You might consider earplugs. The show is probably louder than a blockbuster movie at the theater. It's definitely a bit sensory overload-y at times. I think they'll be entranced at the "Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds" and "Octopus's Garden" segments. If they're okay with being in the dark and at movies, they should be fine.

If you're a Beatles fan, the show will be amazing. I don't think you can have a better sounding Beatles experience than in that theater. There's over 6000 speakers working together to provide the sound, including 3 in each seat.
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FYI: It's not a Cirque show with a Beatles twist. It's a rockin' Beatles tribute with a Cirque twist. That's the best way to describe it.

And, it's awesome for all ages, though the length make the five year old fidgety.
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