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Looking for a national job placement agency. I live in Jersey City, NJ right now but will be moving to Richmond, VA in July so I'm looking for a 1-stop-shoppping job placement agency. I am unemployed at the mo (scraping by on unemployment) and I'm scared to death that I will move and not be able to find work right away. Anyone in the NYC area have some temp agencies to recommend that are national?
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No answers yet? I'm not in NYC, but Manpower seems like they are everywhere.
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What I've heard about Manpower is that you have to apply separately at each office. So even if you're on file at the Jersey City office, you still have to apply at the one in Richmond.

I know Officeteam/other Robert Half International agencies are national and once you're on file with one office, you can call into any of them.
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It's been six years, but Fox Staffing (now purchased/absorbed into Venturi Staffing) was the best of 4-5 temp agencies I looked at in Richmond.


Good luck!
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Clarification: I used Fox Staffing in 2001 to find a temp to perm job, ending up with the Martin Agency (national ad agency).

I've since moved on, but there were good to work with at the time, in Richmond.

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Try Adecco, Randstadt, or Robert Half. Those are national, iirc.

If you do some monster.com searches for the Richmond area, you might find agencies specific to the region.
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