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How do companies get ad-free MySpace profiles?

I’m planning a marketing campaign for an upcoming product, and would like to use MySpace as an avenue. I’ve noticed that many profiles are different than what is available for a normal user.

As an example, this profile for a TV show has a significantly different layout than a normal profile. Viewing the HTML source of that profile, there are several extra >div> elements with id’s. This clearly gives a designer much more creative control over the appearance of the profile.

Is there some fee-based service that MySpace offers for this? I’ve searched all over and I cannot find any information about it.
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They pay for them. First, call MySpace's corporate office, ask for marketing, talk to Tim (I think he's still there), then say "I am interested in doing a promotion for my company on MySpace." "Really?!" Tim will say, "Because that's my job to set that up." Then, he'll ask you for how long you want to do the promotion and then you'll talk budgets (which will be in thousands of dollars) and he'll tell you what services you'll get - like frontpage ads and promos on other pages - if you are willing to fork out the extra money.
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im at work and dont have time to work through the script, but im almost positive this is a creative use of css.
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Here is the MySpace advertising info. They call you now, I guess.
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i cant imagine how much money blow out would have to shell out to remove myspace's banners with their permission. it must be easily in the high tens of thousands.
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It is possible to use custom HTML/CSS elements that hide the ads on the page, but it's against Myspace's TOS. Don't try to do this for your company, or you'll quickly find your page taken down.
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Last I heard, ad-free corporate profiles start at $50,000.
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