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Looking for a faster version of d3 TiddlyWiki

I've finally found my own person note-taking/GTD nirvana in d3 (or d-cubed), an adaptation of TiddlyWiki:

But there's trouble in paradise - the design of TiddlyWiki (everything in one big file) makes d3 increasingly slow as I add more material. This is stopping me from using it as a one-stop brain-dump, which is what I'd really like to do. So what I'm looking for is a way to make it faster. I'm assuming that the way to do this is with one of the server-side TiddlyWiki versions (I run a personal sever, so this wouldn't be a problem). Can I just set up one of the server-side versions, then add the plugins from d3 to recreate the same functionality? I'm so enamoured of it that I'm prepared to do a bit of legwork to get a solution set up. Other suggestions are also welcome.
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For this very reason, I eventually gave up on using Tiddly, and switched to Zulupad instead.
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I used to have gigantic tiddlywiki files (extensive notes in large textbooks chapters 1-50, self-quizzing etc). They would open slowly and were a bit frustrating (but still worked fine). Then in January Udo B. released his includePlugin. If you search the google group for the includePlugin you'll find his release notes plus discussion. [I can't get there from work, sorry]

For me it has been the holy grail. I have broken each chapter into it's own tiddlywiki file with one master tiddlywiki file that pulls all the tiddlers from the other files in together (it loads them into memory, I think). The only thing you can't do is edit the tiddler from the main file (you have to open the original file to edit it - but it's not a big deal for me - I use it mainly to study... and Udo has already mentioned some work-arounds for this in future releases).

So if you can break up your note-taking into separate areas this might be a viable solution for you.
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