Missing winspool.drv and powrprof.dll Files
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Where can I find a missing winspool.drv and powrprof.dll file? Windows ME, Dell solution and system restore do not help.
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Do you have the Windws ME CD? Follow the first instructions here. If not, follow the later instructions on the same page, which point you to explicit directions on the Microsoft support site.

(That was the first google hit for "winspool.drv powrprof.dll windows me" -- did you try that?)
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searched on google: "winspool.drv download"
got this link. first one to pop up.

does that help?
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Response by poster: I've tried a couple of different things. Nothing seems to work on fixing, trouble shooting the problem. I now have no print or video capabilities either. On the re-install after it saved the previous files, I ran into the similar problems here. Google and Microsoft manuals are giving some of the same results, which haven't worked so far. Thanks for the tips though.
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If it would help I can e-mail you a copy of each. Running WinME. I don't see why you need powerprof.dll, isn't it the power properties manager? E-mail is in my profile if you are interested. Cheers.
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Response by poster: I found the fix for the problem here. About half way down within msconfig, extract file, and where to place it.
posted by brent at 7:00 PM on March 14, 2004

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