Therapist/psychiatrist in Austin Tx?
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Therapist/psychiatrist in the Austin, Tx area?

Intense issues with anxiety and existential dead, peripheral depression, self confidence (I am the worst person alive issues), etc. Anxiety rooted in health issues and likely hereditary. Would just like someone to help me sort it all out, and am very reticent to just try any therapist. I appreciate any tips.
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I can possibly put you in touch with one, someone who I would trust if I had the need. Contact me via the email listed on my profile. If you want to remain anonymous while talking to me, until I can hand them off to you, just use a throw-away email address.
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Randy Frazier. He's in the phone book. Helped a friend of mine with those very issues after she nearly became suicidal.

I have no idea if your situations are similar or if your personalities are similar, but ten years later and she still periodically says, "wow. dr. frazier was really great."
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Ann Kelley, Karen Habib, Vagdevi Meunier -- all great. Good luck.
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Patricia Stuart. (Interestingly, I believe she is Randy Frazier's wife. Apparently they both rock.) You sound a lot like me when I started seeing her, and I say without the slightest hyperbole that she changed my life.
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Anne Byrd-Garofalo is just wonderful. She's smart, compassionate and easy to talk to.

Miriam Kuznets is another person to check into.
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