automatically setting my computer clock
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How can I set up my Win 2000 computer to automatically set its own time clock from any external source? I tried Googling on this but just get a bunch of cryptic instructions on making the computer into a time server. I don't want to build an NTP time server, I just want to have the correct time.
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I've long used Dimension 4 for this.
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Follow the steps for setting up Win2K as an NTP client, including the necessary registry tweak. Then point it to a public NTP server such as

(I Googled for 'windows 2000 ntp client')
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I've always used AboutTime for this and have been happy with it.
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Also, you can use '' as an NTP server. I believe that they have things setup to return a list of the closest to your location public NTP servers.
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Go to the source:
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Seconding - is very busy and can time out (haha) - meaning your clock may not sync consistently.

Yes, the cryptic methods work well, make the necessary registry changes and it will be solved.
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What I do is put nistime-32bit.exe into my Startup folder, then open the Properties for the link, and add "once" (without the quotes) on the end of the target command line. Now every time you log in to Windows, your computer will run nistime32, synch your clock, and exit. No mas problemas.
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