Must keep the Wii safe!
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My wife and I just got a Wii last week, and since we're the first people we know to get one, it may be doing some traveling to other people's houses to show it off. Can anyone recommend a travel case for the Wii that will hold the console, cords, and 4 remotes/nunchucks? (does not need to carry games as well)
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I saw one at Target, kind of a backpack style. I thought "who would want that?" I should have thought "wow, I bet emptybowl would like that"
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Avoid this bag. My sons got a Wii for Christmas, and they got that bag for it. It can (just) fit the Wii, the sensor bar, and two controls with nunchucks. The sensor bar has to be jammed in diagonally, and is a prime candidate for being damged en route. The power supply has to travel separately. Not good, particularly for an officially branded product.
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I personally use a cardboard box or brown paper bag (like one from Trader Joe's) with everything set in there gently. If you are traveling by car, I can't see a need for anything more durable than that.

Since all you really need to bring is the Wii, some games, controllers, sensor bar, power supply, and AV cable, it all easily fits and can just be set wherever is convenient in the car.
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Veedubya, your link points back to this thread.
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i have a aftermarket military helmet bag I use. Similar to this one in the top picture on the left.

Not only is it big enough to hold everything (games included), slightly padded, but more importantly, it doesnt scream HEY!! LOOK THERE IS A WII IN HERE! STEAL ME!
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I can give this one a thumbs down. You can BARELY fit the necessary components in.. 4 wiimotes + nunchucks, no way.

I haven't used other ones, but I suggest you avoid this one. The messenger style bags look a lot roomier.
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Photojunkie has been doing a Toronti Wii tour, lugging his Wii around in this bag.
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If the bag says "Wii" on it in huge letters, that translates to "please steal me". Put a big sticker over it or something.
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I've just used my backpack, with no ill effects. Just treat it carefully!
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A crochet bowling bag might be nice! Or any bowling bag for that matter!
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I have a tote bag I use for just about everything. I wrapped the console in a dishtowel (to prevent scratching), yanked out the batteries from the Wiimotes (because if a button gets hit they try to reconnect to the Wii) and yanked all the cables and games I needed. I rode with it on the Subway to no ill effect.
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I use my late grandfather's briefcase. Or a backpack. Or any of the doohickeys that I carry stuff around in.

No component of the Wii seems particularly fragile to me, save the sensor bar. For that, you might get a short map-tube, or just take your chances (what I do). If you're looking for organization of components, just get a small camera bag full of pockets.

The purpose-made Wii bags seem gimmicky and stupid to me. And really, do you want to wander around with a giant steal-mii logo on the bag?
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I bought this bag shortly after I got my Wii (at launch, waited from 3am to 7:30am in the cold in Michigan) and I really like it. It's got a specific compartment for the sensor bar, and will hold all of the accessories without any problems. You can even squeeze a couple of game cases in there if you wanted to. Also, if you're going to be traveling a lot with the Wii, I would recommend going to and getting and extra set of accessories (A/V Cables, AC Adapter, and Sensor Bar - it will run you about 45 bucks). Then just keep the extra set in the bag, grab the console when you are ready to go and toss it in to the bag. The bag does have Wii on the front but you can cover it up...
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My friend lugs his around in a backpack with a laptop pocket inside. The Wii and the fragile sensor bar go in the padded section, with the remotes and nunchucks etc in the main part of the bag.
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I have an older Targus laptop bag (very similar to this one) that works just fine. Lots of pockets to keep things organized, and adjustable straps / padding inside to keep the system itself nice and snug. Well-protected exterior, too.

(Now I just have to figure out how not to get the damn sensor bar cable all tangled up when I unpack it)
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