Black and Whites?
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I need to know where to buy the BEST black and white cookies in the Philadelphia area.

I live in Michigan and a friend of mine from Philadelphia misses the black and white cookies from back home. I've read a bit about them and apparently there are two versions--some are cakier (half moons) and others are harder vanilla cookies with a thin, shellac-like frosting on them that is half black/half white. I think what he's nostalgic for is something like the latter. His birthday is at the end of the month and I'd like to have some of these sent to him, and preferably from a place he'd recognize. I'm a true midwesterner and have no idea what these things are, much less where to get them. Help!
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I didn't know there was more than one type! The second type sounds like a frosted sugar cookie! I did some research out of curiosity and I'll think you might find the answer you are looking for if you email the person who left the first comment on this post.
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So the cake thing is normal! Just a few days ago I bought a black and white cookie and was completely confused by the fact that it was like a thin cake. I'm a midwestenerer as well, and I had the thing at a Starbucks in New Jersey, so I guess it's just not something we make out here.

I went to the Starbucks nutrition info page and downloaded the nutrition guide for the zipcode where that store was and they listed the cookie on the chart. You might check the nutrition info for your area to see if the cookie is listed, and then call to find which store actually stocks it.
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It's a Jewish deli thing. The more upscale versions are cakier, the more pedestrian variety are the harder cookies. Unfortunately for your friend, it's the former that are more likely to ship.

I did find this NY company, Zaros, that looks like it might satisfy.
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I grew up in Jewish family in Philly (and my mom is with me right now), and neither of us have ever heard of any place in the Philly area to get black and whites, let alone a good one. My grandmother always brought them down from New York when she came to visit. I would try delis in New York.
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You might try Rachel's Nosherei, or other delis.
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I think I've seen black and white cookies at the Pink Rose.
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what, no Seinfeld jokes?
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where to buy the BEST black and white cookies in the Philadelphia area

by the way, the real b&w is the puffy one.
Have Zabar's help you on this one.
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and by puffy, I mean not a hard cookie; they are not light and airy, they are rich, just not crisp.
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by the way, the real b&w is the puffy one.

Yeah, but it sounds like fabesfaves friend is jonesing for the downmarket, mass-produced kind.

I've seen 'em at Kibitz and Zeke's here in Philly, but they likely all buy them from some company in Jersey.
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