How do I get my mouse to scroll down again?
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Did I brake my Mighty Mouse? I will not scroll down (but it scrolls in every other direction). This is the second mouse I have done this to. Please help before our IT guy takes away my Mighty Mouse privilages forever!
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This has happened to my mighty mouse more than once. Usually a battery change will fix it. If yours is wired or that doesn't help, try a q-tip with some alcohol.
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Roll the ball like you're spinning your index finger. This is a good temporary fix until you roll a paper cloth over the ball to clean off dirt.
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My Mighty Mouse often suffers from this problem. Basically, just hold it upside down and scroll the ball in all directions while pushing down on the ball (or, technically, up). Its just dirt.

This highly technical procedure is detailed in this Apple support doc.
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Is it this Mighty Mouse, or are you making a joke? If you're talking about a regular mouse with a ball on the bottom, take the ball out and clean the crud off the linear encoder shafts. Don't use a fabric-covered mouse pad; the fuzz from the fabric contibutes to the crud.
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Thank you tanglewoodtree! That was awesome. I don't know why I couldn't find that one.
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Thank you for this question! My Mighty Mouse at work has this exact problem! Hopefully this will allow me to fix it!

Can you tell I'm excited?
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tanglewoodtree has it. But there will come a day where the vigorous ball scrolling will not be enough. It works for dirt, but not on oily sweat (or chicken grease - trust me!)

In that case follow These Premises are alarmed. Look through the comments (especially number 3) on this page to see how its done. I had all but given up fixing my mouse until i did this.. not it works better than ever.
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My mighty mice only last a few months. After a few weeks (!!) i have to do the roll the ball around trick. After a month or two I am in there with a q-tip. And after that, when the other methods simply don't work anymore, it's time to crack the case open. It's way too annoying when you get to this step. There's lots of tiny screws, ribbon cables that only go in a certain way, and breaking. You will sacrifice a plastic ring that goes on the underside of your mouse and be confronted with a children's puzzle of little rolly things that only fit together in one configuration. That's where the gunk is.

I like Apple's stuff, but they didn't do a good job with this one. After 3 wired and bluetooth MMs last year, I am now using a $20 Logitech.
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Double what limeonaire said!!
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i have to take mine apart every few months and clean it out. after a while the whole turning it upside down and rubbing it thing stops working.
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It's worth it to clean the scroll ball on a regular basis -- daily, if you've got a habit of eating at the computer or have sweaty/oily hands. Because I so frequently nosh on nuts at the desk, I clean mine with a microfiber cloth (very) lightly dampened with an eyeglass cleaner. Works a treat.
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I use a damp flour sack towel every couple of months. Didn't know i was supposed to hold it upside down- haven't needed to.
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