Help Me Remember the Horror!
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Help me remember the titles!!!!!!! When I was a kid (early- 1970's) there was a Saturday afternoon program in Philadelphia called "Creature Double-Feature." They played wonderful horror movies including two movies I'd like to find.

1) A Japanese sci-fi where bad guys in silver suits ran around shooting each other with ray guns and, after being shot, the guys would melt into a puddle, leaving only their shiny silver uniform. (hey, I was five, that's all I can recall!) 2) Packs of wild dogs trap a family inside a house and tear away at the wooden walls trying to get in. Really, I'm scared just remembering it now!!!!!! It was terrifying! ;) 3) BONUS MOVIE: Fire ants attack a resort village and consume the poor tourists. Long lurid shots of menacing ant trails silently streaming up walls and covering ceilings. Yikes. Any help? THANKS!
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The ant one is Panic at Lakewood Manor, I think
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Number one is Space Giants, I think. Wasn't Zodak the enemy?
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Was that the one with Doc Shock? I loved that!

Ants = It Happened at Lakewood Manor.

I remember Suzanne Somers with ants crawling on her nakedness. An odd mix of attraction and repulsion. (hey, I was 13 when I saw it, any flesh was attractive)

I don't remember the other two, but Creature Double feature was one of my favorites.
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I'm pretty sure that the japanese sci-fi was ULTRAMAN. My little brother and I used to think that the melted bad guys looked like those puddles of mush you get when an old newspaper lies out in a rainy gutter for a few days.

Here's what seems to be the very first episode of Ultraman, on youtube!
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Is the wild dog one The Pack?
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Could the second one be Killer Shrews? People are stuck inside a house while giant shrews (from a scientific experiment gone terribly wrong) attack the house. The shrews were played by dogs dressed in shrew costumes.

It's pretty ridiculous (was done up as episode 407 of MST3K), but I could imagine a kid might think it scary.
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Rodak not Zodak. Sure it's not Space Giants?
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jasper411 has a good idea there- that's exactly what I was picturing when I read your description, but I couldn't remember the title.

And I remember Space Giants (the tv series) being on weekdays (I remember watching it at my grandma's house while my parents were at work) on (probably) WPHL (the only Philadelphia station we got, I think.) Of course I remember watching Ultraman at the same time. So I'm no help. And I've used up all my parentheses.
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Rodan, not Rodak!
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Wow-- Space Giants-- I literally haven't seen that in 30+ years-- watching it just now-- I don't know-- I almost cried. ;)

BUT-- that wasn't the one. I had actually forgotten ALL about Space Giants-- I watched that regularly and LOVED IT.... but I don't think that's the one where the guys get zapped and then melt.

The Pack is the right film-- I'll have to find that one somewhere and watch it again to see if it still carries the impact I remember it had then.

As far as Ultraman, I think that was the show-- but I haven't seen any melting dudes yet--- but it looks awfully familiar to me.

THANKS EVERYONE for helping clear up a 30 year mystery!
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