install logger program?
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In search of a (preferably) small program that does install logs and (optionally) removes leftover files after uninstall.

Something like Norton Ghost is way too bloated. But something like Regmon from sysinternals is much too detailed. Is there a program that will log files created/altered and registry changes/new entries made - maybe even uninstalling the extras that a program's uninstall misses?
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To clean out old uninstalled applications I recommend CCleaner. It shows you exactly what it will be removing, and you can toggle what to remove and what to keep.
posted by ronmexico at 7:46 AM on February 28, 2007

Personally, I use JV16 Powertools, but I want more of a proactive solution, since these programs don't clean absolutely everything.
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InCtrl was what I recommended that last time the came up in AskMe a few weeks ago. I still think it's likely to be the best choice.
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Have you tried total uninstall? If the cost is prohibitive google around older versions were free
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