What is this abstract hip hop tune?
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ObscureLyricsFilter: Help me identify this tune of the 'Backpacker Hip Hop' variety. All I can remember is it sounds like Deep Puddle Dynamics or CloudDead and has a line which sounds something like "I know how hard it is to be you, you're all magnanimous and stuff..."

Years ago a friend of mine gave me a tape with a few tunes by this group/artist on which later got chewed up by a particularly ruthless cassette deck. At the time I thought little of it but in the following years I have often yearned to hear those beats again. Unfortunately the friend has moved away and also forgotten what he put on the tape. The style is very gentle and floaty (possible someone from Anticon or similar) and the lyrics I mentioned above are the only ones I can remember. If anyone can help me identify this track/artist it would be greatly appreciated. The tune/album would have to have been released prior to 2002.
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Hmmm. Was the band Supreme Beings of Leisure? Not really hip-hop, but floaty and gentle....the song I'm thinking of is Rock and a Hard Place (you can hear a snippet at the Amazon link).
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boy, its really hard to make out what you're talking about. ill take a couple of stabs though. company flow? slum village? older common?

got anymore details?
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I know I've not really given much to go on. iconomy, not that one i'm afraid. It's not as heavy as Co Flow and its got no where near as much funk as Common. The beat is very slow and the hook (if there is one) is melodic and sounds soothing. The rhyming is a lot like CloudDead, multiple voices spitting in a fairly abstract manner. Thats about all I can think of to put really, I know its still pretty vague!
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Also having read the recent MeTa thread on the matter, apologies for irritating [more inside] cuteness and blahblahfilter at the start of my question. Someone already took out the [more inside] nonsense (thank you!), if anyone can be bothered to get rid of the filter bit that would be sweet. What was I thinking!
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