Miniaturized world fair cartoon?
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I remember in my childhood a short cartoon. It was black and white and seemed from the fifties. It began with someone clicking on a capsule, or otherwise activate the enlargement mechanism of this thing that became an enormous world fair or luna park or something.

The cartoon ended with the same thing, reversed. It was wonderful! Someone remembers something like that? I don't think there were famous characters, but the drawing style was similar to fifties mickey mouse or Warner brothers cartoons. I saw it on italian television so it must not have been THAT obscure. I know it's hard, hive mind, I know it's hard.
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Try looking here. Fill in
Genre = Animation and Short
Color = Black and White
Year = between 1920 and 1970
then try different keywords (I tried "world's fair", "fair", "world", "carnival", "coney island", "amusement park"), or different words in the "plot summary" box.
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Best answer: All's Fair at the Fair?
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Response by poster: Thank you, TheophileEscargot. My inner child is weeping now. Thanks also to LobsterMitten for the time spent trying to help me, and for the imdb advanced search field!
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What's very strange is that this was on boingboing just last week.
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