Best way to find domestic US flights?
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What's the best way to go about finding domestic US flights? Is there a decent site which considers lots of different airlines? What should I do about finding out what airlines they might not include?
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I'm a giant fan of smarterliving

You pick your departure airport(s), and they show every single thing on sale. Plus they list every airline sale going, pretty much, and they have a weekly email they send that lists them too.
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I like SideStep. It runs off your desktop (through IE) and directly queries airline web sites on your behalf. (It also does hotels and rental cars). Airline web sites usually have great deals, so this works well.

SideStep works as a toolbar in IE. It also kicks into gear automatically when you query any other travel site (like Yahoo! travel or Orbitz). That feature gets it labelled "spyware" by some. But that's easy to turn off, and the whole thing is easy to uninstall once you're done with it. (Of course, the only time I use IE is when I want to use SideStep, or maybe visit a Microsoft site, so I leave it installed).
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ITA Software has a great search engine for flights. Worth a look at.
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The problem with ITA (which powers Orbitz) is that it does not include most of the discounters, like Southwest or ValuJet/AirTran.
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Ahh. Seeing as most of the flights I've used it to check withhave been inter-Canada or Trans-Atlantic I wouldn't have picked up on that. Thanks for the tip.
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