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I'm looking for ideas on how to reduce wind noise when I have the top up in my 2002 Toyota Solara convertible.

The car is just about everything I hoped it would be, with the exception of wind noise with the top up at highway speeds. I'm wondering if anyone has ever come up with an economical solution to this problem. I'm thinking perhaps that a "second headliner" could be fashioned from one of these products and attached to the interior for long trips.

I'm pretty sure the top is the place to go to deal with the problem, but I'm not sure. I've seen advertisements for noise reducing headliners for the Ford Mustang, but nothing for the Solara. I've also read of other manufacturers placing noise reducing material in the first joint of the convertible top above the driver and passenger.

Can anyone confirm that the cloth top is the place to go to reduce this problem? Is it something else (poor sealing around the windshield for example)? I'd be extremely interested in finding something that would solve the problem that could permanently be affixed to the headliner, if indeed that's the way to go to fix it. The fabric listed above is probably not to heavy for the roof to support, but would probably place a lot of wear on the convertible top motor if left in permanently.
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How sure are you that it's wind over the top? One of the first things that gets cut in lower cost/lower weight cars is insulation, particularly on the bottom of the car.

I've got a miata and its convertible top doesn't even have a liner. Even with that, with the top up the majority of noise in it is road noise from the tires against the road, the engine, and exhaust note.

Next time you're on the highway (assuming that's where you notice the noise most) put the car in neutral and see if that makes any difference. You might be surprised.
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As a twice-former convertible owner, I say you are on the right track, when you blame the cloth top for the noise, but that any aftermarket modification isn't going to truly 'fix' the problem.

I tried thickening the top with comforters, mostly for heat retention during the winter, and noticed some noise improvement. But ultimately, I came to the decision that I would not own a convertible again as my only car.
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