Sites with design ideas and tips at a medium-to-advanced level?
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Design sites: Does anyone have any good links to sites with design ideas and tips at a medium-to-advanced level? I'm talking dead-tree here, no CSS thanks. There are plenty of sites about fonts and online design, but I want to do cool things with a nice piece of A4.

I should point out I'm talking aesthetics here. I'm fine with the technology, it's the stuff you can demonstrate with nothing more than pencil and paper I'm after.
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Not a site, so inherently not what you're asking for, but Robert Bringhurst's The elements of typographic style is excellent (and it's not just me saying so). I'd think that a library in Glascow would have it or be able to order it.
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Speak Up
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I'm a big fan of the information being doled out over at alistapart as it covers an assortment of topics in a very straightforward manner.

I was so struck by the simplicity and logic of this that I corrected several sites and am always certain to consider it.

This should be required reading.
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Response by poster: Thanks one and all. I've ordered from Amazon, Utilitaritron, because that book looks great. And Speak Up is Right Up my street. Thanks too geekyguy, but there is the teensiest mention of CSS at alistapart ...
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