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Could not find the Xobject named I0 Adobe Acrobat Error

Currently running Adobe Acrobat Reader 7.0.8, when opening a file I get "Could not find the XObject named 'I0'". I did a little googling and I see there are a slew of other related errors "could not find form1..." and so on but I do not see a clear indication of what the problem is and how to remedy, or what to change/fix.

Background: Adobe Reader is used in conjunction with another product where Adobe full 5.X (outside the program) is used to create PDFs and Adobe 7.X is used to read them (within the program). At this time we can change the versions of Adobe we are using as they are not yet certified with this program.
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Huh -- there really doesn't seem to be a clear fix out there.

One person says that they fixed it by resizing a textbox; another mentions that not using binary mode when transferring/downloading files created the error. There's also a thread that says that it's a problem with ghostscript, and another thread suggests to remove OPI comments while creating the pdf.

Maybe try all these?
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I've seen these posts also, the only thing is, the document is just a letter, there are no images or other "fancy" work done. And I am not sure what to change as I do not know what is referencing when speaking of "I0".
Hmmm...maybe a lost cause.
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Maybe try a different PDF reader? I've not used Adobe Reader since finding Foxit Reader.
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Hi not sure if you saw my last comment but I have to use Adobe as this is the only certified program with this software. Adobe reader is actually pulled into the program when reading a file.

Thank you for everyone's suggetions!
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I have no idea what you mean by "only certified program". "Certified" generally means "tested and known to work properly", where I live. Clearly, your "certified" solution is not currently working for you.

If this certification you speak of is technical, as opposed to political, it might still be worth your while installing Foxit Reader on your computer, allowing it to register itself as the default PDF handler, and seeing if the program you're using will then automagically start opening PDF files with Foxit instead of Adobe. Web browsers, for example, will do this.

If Foxit doesn't do the job for you, simply uninstalling it will restore your status quo.

If "certified" means something more like "we are a proprietary software vendor and we will refuse to support your site if you use any system configuration except the one we say you have to use" then I would (a) press your software vendor to resolve this issue, rather than asking for help on an Internet forum (b) start looking around for non-proprietary replacement software that doesn't inflict such outrageous vendor lock-in.
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Answers to:
Certified as in - only supported 3rd party software and yes tested and known to function properly.

Problem: Not all PDF creators are created equal. In this instance Adobe was NOT used as the creator for this PDF, but to better understand the error and to show that it is or is not because an alternative PDF creator was the reason for this post.

Note: I am the software vendor for this application and unfortunately there are not (yet) alternatives to this software. The software, EMR, is very complex and is designed to fucntion around certain settings and regulations as governed by healthcare. I do not pretend to know why Adobe is used and no other PDF creator, part of my assumption is that Adobe tends to be widley used for business and by limiting the range of third party software limits any updating/enhancements and problems that may come in time.

Anyhow I am just was looking for a little more information on the error, does't seem to be any clear indication on what is refering to.

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If you're the vendor, but you don't get to say what's certified and what's not, why is this your problem and not the software developer's?

Incidentally, Foxit also makes a PDF-rendering SDK that your app developer might want to look into if the Adobe solution continues to cause grief.

I'm aware that I'm pushing the Foxit barrow pretty hard, but I'm not a Foxit shill, just a happy user.
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