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My stepfather passed away suddenly on Friday. He didn't leave the passoword to Quicken 2006 Deluxe for my mom. I have looked every where to see if he wrote it down, but no luck in finding it so far. Any way to figure out his password?

My mom is pretty sure she knows all of his accounts and at what banks, but I wanted to make sure we didn't miss anything.
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Advanced Intuit Password Recovery can brute-force it.
posted by aye at 12:23 PM on February 25, 2007

Best answer: Intuit Support: Q: How can I recover a Quicken file with a password?

The last resort answer is that Intuit will do it for you for $10.
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For $10, I wouldn't spend too much time looking at alternatives.
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Something like John the Ripper might work too.
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wow. and my condolences. In a worst case scenario, I might ask about a grace period? That the main bank could send out to the creditors?
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