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Sometime in the early late 60's and 70's I used to read a medical news magazine MD edited by Dr Felix Marti-Ibanez in the medical library.

i have always loved his editorials and essays in the magazine, some of which have been compiled in books and are now long out of print. He usually writes about history of medicine and the relations of medicine to the art , philosophy and the whole panorama of man's cultural and historical experiences.

The title of the magazine is simply MD and published by MD Publications , New York.
As you can guess, MD is not exactly easy to google and get what you want. Googling for the good doctor got me the titles of his used books compilations which i have since ordered. But trying to locate the magazine's publisher drew a blank.

Dr Marti-Ibanez has long passed away ( 1911-1972) but I wonder if mefites know if this magazine is still around ?
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This site says the magazine ended in 1994, but is sort of sketchy on the details.

Other googling indicates that MD Publications has somehow become about cars, and that back-issues aren't easy to find.
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Thank you, crayolarabbit. I never expected such a fast response. I guess i should be thankful that i managed to source some 8 of Dr Marti-Ibanez books ( used ) from powells.com and 2 thru amazon.com yesterday. but i will try to look out for some of the 90's back issues and see how the magazine is like after Dr Ibanez. With him as editor, MD was just unique!
Thanks once again, crayolarabbit !
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Here is the worldcat entry. I was going to suggest that you could get access to some issues at a library, but then I saw that you are in Malaysia, and worldcat doesn't show any libraries in Malaysia as having copies. Do libraries do interlibrary loan across oceans? Because between the various University of California libraries pretty much the whole series is held.
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thanks, epugachev. but i doubt they would do interlibrary cross-ocean loan of such magazines. but i can rest easy just knowing about the magazine. and i have dr marti-ibanez books to look forward to. i will be happy. thanks again for looking it up.
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