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Is there a way to turn an email listserv I'm subscribed to into an RSS feed? I've looked at Mailbucket, but I'm wondering if there's anything else out there. I'm currently using Thunderbird for email and Google Reader for RSS.

I'm willing to use a different email account if there's one that would make this easier, but I would prefer not to use a different feed reader.

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Gmail will give you your inbox as an atom feed, assuming you have some way to authenticate/log in through your feed reader. I can't tell you how well it works exactly, since I haven't yet gotten a single e-mail to my gmail account (I use that account for putting in possible spammy places, so this qualifies as success).
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Hi, I run a mailing list. I tried to solve the question you're asking about two years ago. At the time there were only two options, and it seems that that's still true today:
  • Mailbucket - which looks the same as it did back in 2003 and probably still has the same bugs
  • Gmane - which is really a mailing list to NNTP and back gateway, though as an added bonus they do support RSS feeds.
If the list is public, approach the list maintainer about getting it added to Gmane. Then you'll have RSS feeds.

(The solution I ended up going with two years ago was to roll my own SS feed with a Perl script that monitors the mailing list archive that my list software generates.)
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I'm surprised Google Reader doesn't do this already. Bloglines does...
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For public use, I second Gmane. For private use, you can subscribe to RSS feeds via Gmail.
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A random user suggested this script for this.
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