Final Draft purchase - both platforms?
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If I purchase Final Draft for download, will I be able to download both the Mac and Windows versions, or do I have to pick one or the other?
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There's a customer service number on the page: 1-866-229-7483.
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The former
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That link is busted now; the session expired.
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You should be aware that many, many people are switching away from Final Draft due to dreadful (and expensive) tech support and a rather flaky product in recent releases. Google search.

I use and highly recommend Movie Magic. It kicks ass as does their support.
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It's odd coz I read nightmarish encounters with FD everywhere on the web but it doesn't particularly suck for me. It seems doing its job pretty alright.

What exactly do you find flaky about FD, besides their support? I should probably mention at this point that I've never had to contact their support either all these years.
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