Quelle Coincidence?
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I am trying to remember the title of a French movie I saw in early 1999, although it may date from earlier than that. I don't remember the content of the main part of the movie at all other than that it had to do with amazing coincidences (or AN amazing coincidence, something like that)...

...but it opened with a series of vignettes that were not directly related to the storyline, other than that they also had to do with coincidences/odd stories. One of the vignettes featured a scuba diver who is sucked up from the sea by a machine pumping water for firefighters, then squirted out with the water by a firefighting plane, over a forest.
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Best answer: what? i thought thats how Magnolia started.
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You're so right, phaedon -- and Magnolia came out in 1999, while Amelie wasn't until 2001. The French thing threw me --
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I was thinking that as well, phaedon. Or could it be Hasards ou Coincidences?
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Response by poster: I am so disappointed in myself; It was magnolia. I was CERTAIN it was French, having seen it there. Merde.
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i rarely get anything right around here lately :>
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The question has been properly answered, but if you liked that kind of movie, check out "Le Battement d'ailes du papillon", a 2000 french movie about random events causing amazing coincidences.
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not related, but "the valet" is an amazing frnch film, best film i have seen for ages.
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