Trying to remember a sci-fi tv show.
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Trying to remember a tv show I watched about 10 years ago. It was a sci-fi show about a group of people that crashed on a desert planet. The captain was killed quickly by some animal. I remember one episode was about a predator type hunting the crew and could sense their movements somehow. I'll try to recall more if needed. Thanks all!
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Best answer: Vaguely rings a bell, I think it was called earth 2?
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Best answer: Earth 2?

That or some awesome sci-fi Lord of the Flies.
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This is the best page I could find.
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Response by poster: That was quick! Thanks alot that seems to be it. *Adds to netflix queue*
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Yup. The captain was killed in the pilot, "First Contact", and the crew was stalked by a murderous cyborg in "Redemption".

And now I have a strong desire to watch the DVDs again.
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