Love Poem from Nepal
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Please help me locate a poem or passage which one of Nepal's kings read to his bride on their wedding day. It would be available in English.

My father used to carry a clipping of such a passage/poem in his wallet. He lost it though and I'd love to be able to find it again. Unfortunately, I have no idea what the content of the writing was other than that it was appropriate to read at one's wedding. Given this, I'm just looking for anything that might be widely known.
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Stab in the dark: it might be a verse from one of the sacred Hindu texts. Book 10, Hymn 85 of the Rig Veda, in particular, contains a traditional wedding prayer, and concerns the union of the Sun and Moon. There's also Rama's marriage to Sita in the Ramayana.

Here's a good collection of Hindu scripture on marriage.

Also good for carrying around in wallets: Sumerian love poems.
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