Games for a McQueen themed birthday party?
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My nephew will be turning six and is having a Lightning McQueen themed party. What are some good games we could play?

So far, there's "Pin the Tire on McQueen" and a fishing game where you win a prize if you hook McQueen. There will be eight boys at the party and it will be indoors. Most of the games and stuff will be taking place downstairs in a largish rec room.

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Musical chairs to a song from the movie? Put the chairs in two rows, back to back, have the boys walk in a circle around the chairs. Start with seven chairs of course, and take away a chair each go around. Winner wins a Cars toy. At this age, I would give a little friendly speech about being a good sport. I would coral the losers into a little group and maybe give them a little treat like a lollipop or a popsicle until the game is over. Sometimes at this age, kids can get mopey if they don't win.

Stomp the balloon game. It doesn't fit the theme, but gosh this is a fun game.
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I'd think a walking backwards obstacle course would be fun.
Or something that tied into the sneaking up to the cows and scaring them scene. Isn't there a childhood game where someone stands with their face away from the group of kids and they try to sneak up and tap him on the shoulder without being heard?
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A bean bag toss game? You can get Lightning McQueen fabric and make your own little bean bags by sewing little 6" x 6" pillows and filling them with dried beans.

My daughter is into all things Cars-related too so I recently had to buy Lightning McQueen fabric to make her a dress (since all the licensed clothing from that movie seems to be made for boys). I think I paid $3.99/yard.

Don't forget to serve juice from a pitcher labelled "Fillmore's Organic Fuel."
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Get tattoo pens (Target has them with the crayons and art supplies, they're basically skin-safe gel pens) and give all the kids pinstripes.
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You could make some black asphalt icing and have them pave the road on some sheetcakes, using yellow icing for the center line.
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Pin the tail on the Mater! Dad gum!
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If there are any older kids there, they might play Mille Bornes, a car-themed card game.
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Way to kill a party Blaze.

6 year olds. Cars, cars! Use the cars from Cars as game pieces. Spin the wheel to move (or throw a die). Winner gets a big prize, everyone gets to keep their game piece.
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Is a short foot race out of the question? Maybe something themed on like the pit stop Guido did? If you have like some ring toss thingies at the end and each player needs to run to it, then switch the rings from one stake to the other and run back?

But I think dirtylittlemonkey's red light/green light and backwards obstacle course ideas are fantastic and ties well into the movie.
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