CSS Issue in Win IE. Help please!
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I run a website and am having a little difficulty getting the CSS to work properly in Internet Explorer. I am trying to implement the search field into a little 'pop-up' in the navigation. It works properly in FireFox and Safari, but in IE for Windows the pop-up shifts diagonally instead of directly below. Any ideas on how to fix this?
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Best answer: This is truly a case of IE hell. I think it may be related to this but honestly who knows why IE does anything? What I do know is that putting a br tag directly after "looking for something?" will fix it--but I haven't done much testing to see what else that breaks.
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Validate your HTML. You're missing the end tag of a list item and you've got a duplicate ID, which are probably causing trouble.

Your CSS validates OK.
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Try zeroing the left margin/padding of:
ul#TW-Pop li

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