Who did dance/hip-hop track with lyrics 'into something good'?
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Looking for dance/hip-hop track with lyrics that sound like those of the Herman's Hermit's track (but does not directly sample it in any way that I could hear)"Something tells me I'm into something good". By DJ Red Alert? Yes/no? Where the heck can I find this? Thanks mefi-ers. No, it's not the Utah Saints track nor the mix with the Kate Bush samples.

I heard this on a local radio show the other day, and I consider myself pretty dang googlerific, but I think either the dj screwed up or I misheard him. I can't recall what station it was on, either, so I can't check their playlist. No sign of it using gnutella-type engines, either. Wah!
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does the radio website list tracks? can you call them?
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Ya, I would have, if I could have remembered what the heck day/date I had heard it... however, just from your comment, I realized that the little note i made in my palm pilot stamped the time and date, and voila! After searching my couple of local radio station playlists that were webbed, I discovered the track is by this guy -

freddie cruger a.k.a. red astaire

groovy stuff, baby
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