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Where can I find some great infographics?

I'm trying to find well-designed infographics/infoporn/data visualization that are either humorous, informative, or just interesting. I'm specifically looking for pictures (ie static, not interactive) and preferably ones large enough to easily print at poster-size. I don't really have a preference for topic or subject matter.
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You could have a look through information aesthetics and, both have loads of good stuff.
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I haven't read them, but from what I hear Edward Tufte's books are the bee's knees for visually communicating information.
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The Nixlog Infographics blog.

Website of Edward Tufte, patron saint of infographics.
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seconding Edward Tufte.
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This map is a totally awesome infographic.

The Powers of Ten poster is also cool.

I have a thing for the nytimes infographics, too. One of my favorites was the image of all the places space shuttles have been hit by debris.
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This blog is dedicated to interesting examples of data visualisation. I have it on my Google Reader because some fantastic and interesting things pop up on there.
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Tons of weird maps, my pick would be the Eisenhower Interstate System (second post down currently). They also link to a lot of other nice map places, e.g. Library of Congress where you can get large versions.
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