Where to dye leather goods in NYC?
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Where to dye leather goods in NYC?

I have a lovely pair of orange gloves that, after 1.5 years of service, are getting dirty. I want to dye them black. According to this post (http://ask.metafilter.com/52151/Its-not-easy-dyeing-green), I should go to a shoe shop that dyes shoes.

I am also considering dyeing a green purse black, but that has hardware and was an expensive purchase (Marc Jacobs!), so I want to try the gloves first and see how that turns out.

Any recommendations for where to go or what to look/ask for? And price ranges to expect?
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Hey, that was my post you referenced!
I went to a shoe place on 6th ave btw Van Dam and King for my purse, and they convinced me not to dye my purse because it would not turn out well, or would fade with the color I wanted. They did say it would be easier to dye most things black, there is more room for error due to uneven surfaces, dirt etc with black. They were really nice, I would go to them if I wanted something to be dyed black. I think they were going to charge btw $30 and $50, but I could be wrong.
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New York magazine recommends a couple of places that dye leather goods:

9 E. 38th St., Seventh fl.

666 Fifth Avenue, at 53rd Street
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If you are the handy sort, you can always do it yourself. Dying leather, especially black, is very easy. The only thing to beware of is that the dye is very effective, and if you aren't careful, you will have black fingertips for days afterwards.
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I entrusted my beloved vintage black leather jacket to Arty's (near W. Village, if I'm remebering correctly) and they did a flawless job redyeing it. They have also done superb work on even the oddest shoe and bag repairs I've managed to come up with.
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