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This morning I sat near a guy on a train, who produced a pair of headphones and plugged them into what I can only describe as a silent flute...

The guy then practised on the instrument during the journey. It was about 8 or 9 inches long, clear plastic with electronics visible inside, no moving keys, but some kind of silver sensors. It was played more in the manner of a whistle or bagpipes. What on earth was it ?
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MIDI instrument. Not sure which.
posted by sonofslim at 5:09 AM on February 14, 2007

Was it this Yamaha instrument?

Click Me!
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There are a couple MIDI chanters on the market, including this one that supports headphones directly.
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Best answer: beowulf573's link led me to the Fagerstrom Technochanter. Comes in black or translucent plastic.
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...although looking at it know, it doesn't look like you actually blow into the technochanter. was this guy putting it in his mouth? (that sounds so dirty)
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Yep, having played on an electric bagpipes practice chanter, that sounds just like one.
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Thirding the practice chanter.

("MIDI" is a red herring there. Obviously it's electronic, but it doesn't have to control an external synthesizer in order to be able to play through headphones.)
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There aren't any commercially available electronic tinwhistles (although someone did one as a graduate project and is considering doing a commercial version). So what you saw is likely an electronic pipe chanter of some sort.

If it wasn't in his mouth it was a pipe chanter:




If it was in his mouth it was probably a "wind controller" of some sort, Yamaha (see above) being the most common.
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Response by poster: Thanks - it was the Fagerstrom clear chanter.

It looked better than it sounds.

I'm going to have to get a Yamaha silent guitar for my journey to work....
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actually, the GHB Technopipes sound much better than the chanter once you add the drones. Not cheap at $375US, but they do work as a midi controller and you don't have to keep the bloody bag inflated.
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I had no idea such a thing existed, and I'm all excited about it. To piggyback on funboytree's question, are there recommendations on a starter instrument of this sort, (silent, electronic wind instruments)? I'm a fretted instrument player who longs to learn both clarinet and bagpipes, but startup cost is prohibitive, as is time to play with kiddies napping and apartment neighbors.
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And while I've never seen a silent guitar, there are silent violins out there. Very cool, since you can avoid the dying cat sounds while learning to carry a tune.
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