Help Me Plan The Greatest MB Bachelor Party in History
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How can I throw my best friend the greatest bachelor party ever in Myrtle Beach over Easter Weekend?

My best friend has asked me to be his Best Man. With great power comes great responsibility, and I am in charge of his bachelor party. We used to go to Myrtle Beach at least once every year to cause trouble back when he was single, and so we're going back for one last drunken hurrah. I have a skeleton plan put together for the greatest bachelor party of all time, but I want to have lots of ideas in mind to fill in the blanks. I need your help!

My best friend's bachelor party

Easter Weekend (Thurs-Sun)
April 5th-8th

10-12 guys in their early-mid twenties (me and the groom are 24). Half are single, half are in committed relationships. Ones um.. ya know.. getting married.

Myrtle Beach.

One catch:
No strippers :-(

First things first:
We need a hotel! We'd like a hotel right on the strip (as long as the strip is still fun) within walking distance of the night life. We'd like to get a nice suite where the core group (6 people?) can stay, and everyone else in regular hotel rooms. It'd be awesome to get a suite everyone could fit in. We're not loaded though, so money is something of an issue. Suggestions?
Thursday night:
A small group of us would arrive and meet up around 8pm. We would want a casual dinner, and then go to some nice bars around the hotel. This group will be the 'core' group. Where should we eat? What bars would be the most fun?

Friday Morning:
Plan to go golfing at 10 or 11am. We'll probably do 2 foursomes with best ball. It'll be a 'brewers challenge' (every beer you drink takes a stroke off your score). Any idea what golf courses are the cheapest around there? And won't kick us out for our schenanigans?

Friday Evening:
The whole group will be together. We want to go to a nice rowdy dinner. Would love to find a fun restaurant with cute of-age waitresses to entertain us and make us feel special. Lots of beer will be drank. I'm currently thinking a place like Dick's but I want to make sure we get special attention. We're the kind of group who likes to hang out with our waitresses rather than have them 'stay out of the way'. Where should we eat?

Then we'd want to go to the bars again. We don't mind taking a cab if theres a good party going on somewhere. Again, if anyone can recommend a bar that will give us special treatment, thats perfect!

Paintball at PaintballUSA for the afternoon.

Saturday evening:
We'd like to go to a nice place, not so rowdy this time. Maybe a cool steak house or something. Anything unique is always a plus. Once again, special treatment is key.

For our last night, we'd like to do it up right, and have the most fun possible. I'm wide open for suggestions on activities for the night.

We'd grab breakfast and then head our separate ways to repent our sins.

Do you have any suggestions for hotels/golf courses/clubs/bars/restaurants?

How about random things we should do over the course of the weekend to make it even more memorable? The skies the limit, I want my best buddy to never forget this night. Hell, I'd love to get like a camera person to follow us around or something like that if I knew where to begin on that. Any and all suggestions are welcome (we all have great senses of humor so friendly pranks are right up our alley)
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Best answer: The number one requirement: Get money up front from everybody who says they will give money.

Some people may not have enough and some may have extra but get the money up front so you don't become the one who takes the hit and pays for others to get a free ride.
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Response by poster: Whoops, I said "never forget this night" i meant to say "never forget this weekend".
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There have been many, many "no stripper" bachelor party questions. Try searching.
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One tip - make sure you have a good costume for your best friend to wear when paintballing. The best man at a stag do I went to recently had procured a giant banana suit for the stag, which made sure he attracted the right amount of incoming fire at all times.
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Best answer: Do not get a camera person to follow you around. That will haunt you for the rest of your life. A few pictures to show you were there. A few in the morning when everyone is just trying to maintain and breathe will do it. Nothing you would be embarassed to have on the front page of the NY Post.

Also, if this is the first of your group to get married, this bachelor party weekend will be setting the bar for all that follow. Set it high or low, but know that you are establishing precedent.

Second Megafly's suggestion to get thee money upfront. It will never happen if you have to dun them later.
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Best answer: Somewhat seconding JohnnyGunn,

If you want pictures, take them at the slow times. I'd suggest a few every morning before you leave, a few every night when you come back, and maybe, maybe during lunch. Sort of like before and after photos. Then you can see what 3 days of hard living will do to you. Also take photos of the suite, before and after. Then you'll have pictures that you show pretty much everyone without worry.

Photos during peaks time really will come back and haunt you, especially if there are strippers (yeah, no strippers), illegal substances, and/or embarrassing objects.

Sorry, no suggestions on activities since I don't quite remember them.

A few tips--make sure everyone's wearing shoes they can run in. You might never need to run away, but you'll be glad you can. Or tell the guy in the nice shoes,that he might be left to the figural, or literal, dogs.

Everyone wearing glasses should bring a hard case for them. Two different times, I've had my glasses broken when I put them in my jacket, taken my jacket off and someone during the bachelor party decides to randomly sit down. Going to a strip club half-blind is not fun. Neither is holding up lens to your eyes at the same strip club.

A dildo makes pretty effective blackjack/cosh. Not as good as the real cosh because you can't quite get a good swing. My buddies and I have already done the testing so you don't have to.
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Have a plan for when half your group gets liquored up and decides they're going to a strip club anyway -- I've seen it happen at more than one "no stripper" bachelor parties. It seems to be the married guys who have a blank check for one night of shenanigans who always instigate the trip to the nudie bar.
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Easter Bunny Costume.

Easter Egg Hunts.
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Best answer: As for dining, I can recommend that you check out some place run by these people. The three unique places, Bovine's, Divine's and Latitude 22 degrees are all about a 15 - 20 minute drive south of the strip. Bovine's is red meat themed, Divine's is more seafood and Latitude's is tropical/Caribbean. The service is top notch and the dining experience and menus are going to be much more unique than the typical 172 item buffet places that seem all too commonplace.

If you don't want to deal with the drive, then check out their place called River City Cafe. They have several locations that are in MB as well as ones that are north and south of the city. This is the prototypical beer + onion rings + hamburgers + peanut shells on the floor. This would make a good lunch location after you sweat it out at the golf course.

As for activities, you might check out the NASCAR Speed Park. Racing cars against your friends is always a fun time.

Another possibility is that Myrtle Beach seems to have a very high concentration of very elaborate, highly themed mini-golf courses. That is another good way to spend some time in a semi-competitive environment.
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Best answer: I don't know how long it has been since you have been there, but when I went last March for spring break, we were a little disappointed in the night life.

Not to say you can't have a good time because we found a little dive bar called... ah I can't remember what, and we basically owned that place for a week. The bartenders were great. I'm just not sure if this relative dearth of bars was a new thing or if it was always like that. We were expecting many places and there were maybe 4 or 5 that I remember in stumbling distance. I don't know if it was a combination of the low season and our lack of familiarity with the place or not. Maybe someone else knows a lot better than me.

Maybe I'm coming from a skewed perspective, but my college town of population ~10,000 during school has 7 bars, including the bowling alley. I don't know, maybe NW PA is drunk-land or something.

We had a great time swimming in the frigid March ocean and then sprinting back to the hotel hot tub for a long soak. Make sure you get a hotel with copious indoor swimming and hottub facilities. That's where it's at.
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Now I remember the bar: Whispers. Just looked it up, 2nd Av. South and Ocean Bvld.

Ah, how I love dive bars.
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Best answer: It's too late for my suggestion, but I tell the story whenever possible. My brother hired a real Scottish bagpiper, Sgt. Major McSomething - we just called him Sgt. Major, for my bachelor party. The Sgt. Major was retired from the British Army and had played for the Queen, the Pope, etc. He was supposed to stick around for two hours, but wound up standing on my fiancee's front lawn with the remains of the party playing a tune at 3:00am. He was also quite intoxicated. Before that we had been asked to leave every bar in College Station (or several of them at any rate). It was truly awesome.

One word of advice: ditch the groom's cell phone. Under no circumstances is he to accept a call from his intended while he may be under the influence of alcohol.
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