Books about small amusement parks
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I'm looking for a book about Mom & Pop theme parks.

Can anyone recommend a book about amusement parks? I'm not looking for a history of Disneyland and its ilk, but rather the little two-bit parks that spring up in tourist traps around the US.
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Not a book, but Rick Seback: Great Old Amusement Parks is available on DVD and VHS from
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I searched Amazon for Rye Playland (ugly website of the amusement park in my hometown, which didn't exactly "spring up," but it is small and maybe two-bit). Doing that, I found Amusement Parks of New York. The author, Futrell, wrote similar books on New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Through that I also found out that there is a National Amusement Park Historical Society; I don't have time to look now, but they probably have some good suggestions.

I can't recommend any because I haven't read them, though. You might try searching Amazon with names of other small parks, if you know any.
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I'll second Great Old Amusement Parks if you're interested in the subject, adding that pretty much any Sebak documentary is fantastic.
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I'd recommend Roadside America for great listings of two-bit parks and tourist traps. Here's the book version that predates the website: Roadside America.
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