Help find Genuine Fractals and Photoshop article
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Help me find the webpage that says the best way to use Genuine Fractals is to do half of the upsize using Photoshop bicubic resampling, and then do the other half of the resample using GF.

I'm not looking for a How-to on Genuine Fractals or Photoshop.
I do use both when resampling an image. First half with bicubic resampling, and then the other half with GF.
Why do I do this? Because long ago, I read an article online by someone, that at the time, I trusted to know a thing-or-two about GF and PS. Who? Dunno.
The article was well-written and include a lot of testing results to convinced me that the half-and-half method was the way to go. So I've done it that way ever since.
Now, someone else that I work with is beginning to use GF. I attempted to explain the method and the reasoning behind it, but failed miserably. I'd like to refer them to the article that I read. Problem is, I do not have a link and have not been successful at locating it. I figured perhaps you might have read the same article and bookmarked it for me.
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Well, without having see the exact article you are looking for here are a few guesses: If none of those are correct I suggest you search Google using the following:
"Genuine Fractals" Photoshop "bicubic resampling"

Hope that helps,

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Response by poster: I appreciate the feedback, John.
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