On the hunt for the elusive Kaffir Lime
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Where can I find the ingredients to make Thai food in Vancouver?

I'm going to Vancouver next week and part of my time will be spent getting some of the ingredients I can't get locally. I'm looking for harder to find items like, Kaffir limes and leaves, Galanga and Holy Basil and would prefer fresh over frozen or dried (but if that is all I can get I wont be picky). I've been told that fresh produce is available on Granville Island but, when I was there last summer I found nary a knobby looking lime.
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Best answer: I've seen all the essentials at T&T Supermarket in Coquitlam -- I imagine the selection is similar at their other outlets in the Lower Mainland.
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I get anything I cannot find locally here in the States from importfood.com. I have ordered the kaffir lime leaves, galanga and basil from them, and everything arrived fresh and in perfect condition. They ship fast, package everything well and I've never been disappointed with the quality. So, you may want to order before leaving and take the items with you or just have the items shipped to where you are going.

And, many thanks for the post since it reminded me that I'm almost out of fish sauce. *:^)
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second T&T
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Best answer: Dong Thanh Supermarket on 1172 Kingsway is supposed to be a Thai supermarket. Might give it a try.
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Best answer: You were looking for South China Seas Trading Co. on Granville Island Public Market (map). In the summer, I bought the fresh ingredients you mention there.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone.

Sadly, hrbrmstr, importfood wont ship food to Canada.

mediaddict, do you remember where they are in the market? I went to Emily Carr so I'm really familiar with the lay of the land down there.
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I can picture it in my mind. Standing in a crowded corridor, facing north. You can see the NS mountains through the window. On your right is South China Seas. In this small map, I think it is directly under the 'r' in 'courtyard', on the equator - midline? - of the image.

(I'm only going by memory, so no guarantees.)

Hah! Found it - you can see the sign in the center of the image.
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Just went to Dong Thanh supermarket on Kingsway. Bad news: It is not a Thai (nor even Lao) supermarket but it did have almost everything I needed for Gaeng kiaw wan and som tam. No fresh kaffir limes but frozen leaves. (They had sold out of fresh leaves.) Bonus: They had pre-chopped green papaya, thus making som tam waaaaay easier.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the update, I didn't get a chance to get up to Dong Thanh. South China Seas had most of the fresh stuff (smells heavenly) and T&T had the rest.

btw, thanks for the photo it helped.
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