Help me identify this dotcom boom movie?
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What is the name of this movie about a video-streaming startup?

About six months ago, I watched a movie (fictional) about a Silicon Valley startup during the dot-com boom, and for the life of me can't remember its name - two hours of Googling and searching IMDb turned up nothing. It's definitely *not* or Pirates of Silicon Valley.

Here is what I remember:

- The founders are friends at a Bay Area university (probably Stanford)
- The main character's mentor is a business school teacher, who later turns out to be an important venture capitalist (I think he takes the student out flying in an airplane)
- The startup's product was a video streaming service - however, during their demo, their computer actually catches fire
- The protagonist gets caught cheating by his girlfriend after she receives a video of his antics in a car
- The protagonist ends up in Mexico, on the run after a fight in the boardroom, and has his Porsche stolen
- It was filmed a year or two after the bust

None of the above proved fruitful in searching online. Has anyone seen this movie? I'd love to rewatch and show some friends - the movie itself wasn't particularly great, but they nailed a lot of the startup archetypes. Thanks!
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Response by poster: Thanks, but not quite it. sounds like a comedy, whereas this movie was (or was shooting for) serious.
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It's not I don't know what it is, but it's not that.
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There is also e-Dreams, which is probably not what you were looking for since it is about, but it sounds like a similar film, at least.

I still miss Kozmo.
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Response by poster: Not e-Dreams or Antitrust either . . this where I wish IMDb's plot search were a little more complete.
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"Want"? The official site has trailers. It seems more like a movie about a dude with a sex addiction (which you probably would have mentioned) with an Internet startup background, so it's probably not it.

Now I'm obsessed.
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I was thinking it might be The First $20 Million as well bradlands, but I'm that was about building a $99 computer, not video streaming. Other than that, it sounds pretty close.
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Dot? (Not "," btw.) No way this is it, but I'm getting desperate.
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Response by poster: Ah! I was able to dig it up (I began to think Peter Coyote was in it, and indeed he was):


So bad it's good - very worth watching. Thanks to everyone who tried to help out!
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