Ham radio help needed......
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What is the best way to get into the ham radio hobby?

I have a mobile in my truck at the moment and would like to purchase a handie/talkie but am looking for suggestions.
Also, does anyone have a good source of information for someone at the starting point in the hobby?
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Now You're Talking is usually a recommended resource. Also check out the ARRL site -- those folks live to educate new hobbyists.
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Since you already have a mobile unit in your truck, I assume you have a Technician class license, or your country's equivalent. You could look for a ham club in your area, and get advice from them. The site I linked to also has an equipment review forum which might help you choosing a HT. eHam.net is also a good source for product reviews.

The code test will no longer be required for US General and Extra classes as of February 23rd, 2007. I believe at that time Techs will gain the same operating band privileges as Novices.
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den beste is right.. it's been fading out since the internet, but it use to BE the internet! Instant international interpersonal contact.... wow. Geeks, hackers, nerds of all stripes had only this in the 40's, 50's, 60's, 70's. Ham folks pioneered packet radio (which has a lot in common with the internet). Computer hacking has been symbiotic with ham radio for a while. (Witness Kevin Mitnick... his big thing after getting out of prison for hacking was to get his ham license.)

I am in love with radio, in general, and have a ham license, but have never had an on-air conversation with anyone. Your enjoyment of radio technology doesn't have to meet any definition. It's more about having a purpose to learn.

That said, the internet is packed with ham resources. Ten minutes on google and you'll have 100 different directions to go.

Have fun!
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