How can I find a mega-list of WBRU's "12 Cuts Above the Rest"?
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I'm looking for a list of all lists of WBRU's "12 Cuts Above the Rest." I've e-mailed the station, and searched Google for hours. Does anyone know if such a list exists, and if so, where I can find it? I'm 99% sure that WBRU used to have a searchable archive, but after the site redesign a while back, it went missing.

In actuality, I'm looking for a song that was incredibly popular on WBRU during late 1999 or early 2000, being on the "12 Cuts..." list for over 3 months. The name of the band escapes me, and I think the song title included the word "morning." But the band's music was never released in the United States.
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You may want to check the inernet wayback machine archive of
posted by mfbridges at 12:31 PM on March 5, 2004

Electrasy's Morning Afterglow?
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Record keeping is not a strength of the student staff at WBRU. Ironically, neither is throwing anything out :)

The song you're looking for is probably Every Morning by Sugar Ray
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Or perhaps Placebo's Pure Morning?
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Morning Afterglow was the first one that struck me, too. I bought the single way back when. I imagine the Sugar Ray song *was* released in the US, though.

Could even have been The Verve's 'Velvet Morning', but that was a couple years earlier over here in the UK.
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LouMac, where are you??
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone! I apologize for being incommunicado for a few days.

It is Electrasy's "Morning Afterglow." Now I just need to find the album/single...
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