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I'm currently a webprogrammer for my College and I'd like to show off my skills with some type of portfolio. However, most of the web applications I've worked on have restricted access and are home grown programs specific to the organization. What's the best way to show someone something that I've worked on without giving them actual access to the web-application?
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take sceeenshots, and edit them in photoshop to show what they do. Write up an nice explanation about what you did, and how it fit into the specific needs of the client.

Clients want to see how you were able to solve problems, so start with the problem (The client needed to be able to categorize students by GPA and generate emails to those with a less than 2.0 average) and show how you came up with the solution in a nifty way.
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I think the best way to do this is with video. I've used Camtasia from these guys, for something just like this.

Basically, the application let's you record everything happening in a window, including the cursor if you want. So you could build/edit your own little mini tour of the application you would like to show.

It's even better than giving access in some ways, as you can highlight just the things you want.

These are PC only, but I'm sure there is something similar out there for the mac.
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Like chaz says -- screenshots + case study writeup. If you can't show any screenshots, try prototypes, wireframes, DB diagrams, etc. As a developer, it's just as important to show insight into your thought process, workflow, and problem solving skills as it is to show off the finished product.

Plus, just linking off to a site you've done is often a disaster, because the portfolio reviewer will very likely get distracted by the things in the site you did not do, or were beyond your control. Keep your portfolio guided.
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I'm not sure you'd be able to post stuff publically, but I'd recommend when you go to interviews to take a CD that has code samples and descriptions on it. Or on your website make it clear that you can provide this type of stuff upon request. Make it REALLY easy to navigate, add comments and provide documentation.

I've been interviewing web developers this week. I generally ask for the top 3 project urls I should check out for their "best work." Often they won't have any that are publically accessible... and in fact generally also seem fairly surprised that I would even ask!

If I can't see your work, I can't hire you!
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You could try Macromedia's RoboDemo to make a .swf demo of the application in use.

I've never used it, but I have seen demo's made with it and it looks like it could be useful to you.
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