Warm Stylish Coat for Cold Nasty Weather
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Where can I get a coat like this?

I've seen a lot of men wearing these on the streets of London. Is there anywhere I can get something in a similar style here in the US that doesn't cost $1000? Yes, I know it is the end of the season for such items.

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You should be able to get something very similar at any department store. You're going to have to go to the department stores to see what is still available. (You might look at websites...you will want to look at coats referred to as overcoats or topcoats most likely.)

Example (not exactly the same but a lot cheaper): JCPenney
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I got mine at a vintage clothing store.
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Best answer: To be fair, the Theory coat will be a much slimmer cut with better material, while the JC Penney Stafford coat will fit approximately like a cardboard box made of cat hair.

I'd hit Nordstrom's Rack, Off 5th, Loehmann's, Filene's Basement, etc. and look for some end-of-season deals on the better brands - since it sounds like you were after the fashionable coats you saw in London rather than the one my elderly relatives have worn to church for 20 years of Sundays.
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If you want designer clothes with cool styles for great prices, I highly recommend checking out Yoox. They find some of the most amazing deals on the internet—the only real problem is that they have very limited sizes. So, for example, there are Georgio Armani coats for $300, but they only come in size 42 (or whatever).

The defacto-standard for designer clothing-meets-Amazon is BlueFly. They'll be far cheaper than a department store, have all the sizes you could ask, but aren't going to be "amazing" deals in the epic sense.
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You're in New York? Go to the Macys Herald Square. They have approximately 762,000 coats of that type, in every shape, size, and color. And because they eliminate the middle man, they can sell all their spatulas costs factory direct to you!

There was a New York Times article a month or so ago about how warm winter weather had wiped out the coat industry, so department stores were slashing prices all over the place.
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Bluefly will undoubtedly have what you seek.
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Theory has an outlet up at Woodbury Commons. Call them and ask them if they have this style. You can probably get it for half price if they are carrying it...
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Was that a UHF reference?

Ha. Awesome.
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I can second recommendations for Macys and Filenes Basement (there is one at Union Square, in the same building as Whole Foods and Forever 21). All the time I have lived in New York, I have bought my coats at Macys and gotten great deals (two $500 coats for $250 style).
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Since it's the end of the season try Marshalls or Ross. I just got a $600 trench there for $80!
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Do they have H&M in London? Probably a good bet. And it will have a European cut.

Also, check out Armani Exchange. I was at an upscale couture joint on Prince Street in Manhattan where I found a gorgeous gray English cut overcoat almost like the one in your picture. Price was 650. I went around the corner to Broadway and into Armani Exchange and they had a very similar coat for 350. Per my tastes I would have had to have it tailored down a tad (I like my coats to be like skin) but it fit very well off the rack.

The problem you are going to have is that the Spring lines are coming in now and the winter clearances, while good deals, will be slim pickins on normal sizes. If you're a XXL or an XS you may be ok. Otherwise you may find it tough.
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Ohhh! And if you are in New York you are in FREAKIN LUCK! The Barney's warehouse sale starts last weekend in Feb. I just got my postcard yesterday. Trust me, this is a place you want to check out. Go on-line to double check the dates and get the address. By way of example, at the Fall warehouse sale I got a 1200 dollar John Varvatos dinner jacket for 250 bucks.
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You're in NYC? Syms, dude. The educated consumer is the best customer. Like, duh.
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