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I recently had a tenant/housemate move out. Unfortunately, his former area (a whole floor of my house) is in shambles - trash strewn all over the floor, clothes, boxes, mess everywhere. I would like to have a service come in and "clean", but it isn't so much "cleaning" as it is throwing away everything in sight. Any suggestions on how to proceed?

More info. . .I'd like a service that will remove bulky items (he left a few). Also, I live in the Pittsburgh area, if anyone is local and knows particular services around here. Thanks for any help!
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i'm sure the phone book can help you out under Waste Management, Movers, or Cleaners and five minutes to explain the scenario. I for one would hope you could bill the former tenant for the cost, because that's his responsibility by almost any living arrangement.
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Seriously, your roommate should be responsible for that. I would hire a couple of movers for an hour or two to throw everything heavy out, and then a cleaning crew to do the rest. Also, consider getting some friends to help you out in return for beer or money you would give a moving crew, etc.
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Do you have a servicemasters in your area? They have done some serious cleaning for the company I work for.

Here's hoping he left a damage deposit
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Response by poster: He will definitely be paying for the cleaning. One of the reasons I want to get a service (as opposed to doing it myself) is that I have a somewhat objective number to bill him (here's what the cleaners charged, plus a little bit for my own inconvenience), rather than doing it myself and making up a number.
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My neighbor works for these guys. They do exactly what it is you want done, and it looks like they service your area.
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Check craigslist and your local classifieds for services/people who haul trash away. A lot of the time trash haulers are in the classified section that also lists handymen/plumbers/electricians for hire.
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I have a commercial building I rent out and have had your problem a few times. A local janitorial service handles the cleaning and the hauling for me. They bill both for their time and disposal fees.
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(here's what the cleaners charged, plus a little bit for my own inconvenience)

... if you plan on taking this out of any security deposit, please note that you could get in hot water for charging him above and beyond what the actual monetary cost would be -- this is only an issue if said roommate decides to be a dick about things and go to court.
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I've heard good things about 1-800-Got-Junk, linked to by nsillik.
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It should be pretty easy to get this done this time of year in Pittsburgh. Any handyman/construction worker with a truck will probably be looking to pick up work since things are usually pretty slow this time of year. I second Craigslist and add The Pennysaver. I had my garage cleaned out years ago by someone in Pittsburgh that I found through the Pennysaver. Oh, and check the bulletin boards at the Giant Eagles, small businesses often put notices there looking for work.
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Response by poster: Thanks for all the advice!
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You might not be able to just throw out all of his stuff, even if it all seems to be worthless. Where I come from a landlord has to go through a very specific process involving multiple notice periods in order to get rid of unclaimed goods legally (of course I doubt many of them do, but I once had to help someone get rid of an unwanted horse and it was incredible inconvenient and expensive). You could ask a real estate agent what the situation is where you are.
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When I moved from Buffalo I had a TON of crap that I needed to get rid of. 2 Couches and just boxes of stuff I didn't need anymore. I used 1-800-GOT-JUNK and they took everything I had. It was a good experience and I would recommend them.
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Second what A Thousand Baited Hooks has to say--most jurisdictions have legal procedures in place to deal with abandoned property. If there's a landlord's association in your area, you should check with them before doing anything drastic.
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We used 1-800-GOT-JUNK a couple of times recently in Pittsburgh (specifically, in Morningside.) It was a good experience; they were professional, prompt, friendly, and did a good job. I'd recommend them.

But I have no idea about the legal issues involved.
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