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Multivitamins. Does anyone know of a good brand? I've tried everything from $50 bottles to the generic drug store brands and haven't noticed that much of a difference. Is it worth it to spend more? What types of vitamins and minerals are essential in a multivitamin? I'm a relatively healthy 34 year old white male who works out about 3 times a week.
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Americans famously "have the most expensive urine in the world".

Your body doesn't use extra vitamins and minerals, it excretes or stores them.

The reason you don't feel any better is because unless your diet is grossly inadequate, you are not suffering from any deficiencies that would benefit.

I suggest googling for material that is not sourced from people who are trying, directly or indirectly, to sell you dietary supplements.
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If you do decide to take vitamins, you should read the labels and compare them. For instance, when i was pregnant, I was supposed to take these nasty, horse pill looking things that tasted horrible. But, when I compared them to Flintstone's Chewable Tablets, I found that the Flintstone's actually had more Folic Acid in them and tasted hella better. So, I went back to what I had been taking as a kid. Just because they are kid labeled, doesn't mean you can't take them as an adult, just read the labels to make sure they have enough of the minerals you are looking for.
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Chances are vitamins won't make you "feel better". But if you're under mental or physical stress they will make you healthier, especially long term. Try to find vitamins that have antioxidants. Also a baby aspirin and an omega-3 supplement will help you live longer.

Or maybe you'll just get very expensive urine. They aren't a miracle cure. You'll get much better results from getting enough sleep, working out regularly, and getting more fiber in your diet.
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Since you're a man (and as long as you're not anemic, which is rare in men) make sure you go with a men's formula vitamin as some men tend towards having too much iron in their blood, men's formulas normally do not have additional iron.
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My doctor recommended I take GNC MegaMen. It makes your urine fluorescent yellow because of all the excess riboflavin, but apparently that's okay.

I don't know what kind of a noticeable difference vitamins make, though. I assume the benefits are long-term?
posted by Tin Man at 1:40 PM on March 4, 2004 is great resource for these types of questions. He's a Harvard MD who went holistic. Very sensible.
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Vitamin shop is a good source of high quality vitamins at very reasonable prices (GNC is good quality but no bargain).

I believe they are a nationwide chain, but if not they also mailorder
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I take B complex vitamins fairly regularly, particularly when I plan to do some drinking. It may be a placebo effect, but I would swear that I feel noticeably, markedly better, have more energy, and am less of stress-monkey when I do so. Whether or not the effect is purely mental is unimportant to me -- I feel better, which is enough.
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