How to switch a Wii to 480p without even looking.
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Help Mii with my Wii!

I would like to hook my Wii up to a projector. The problem is, the projector can only display progressive scan video -- not interlaced.
I've bought the component cables for the Wii which support 480p, but you have to switch the Wii to this video mode via a menu. Until you make the change, the signal goes out as 480i.

I have it hooked up to my TV now, which does support interlaced video, but not progressive. Seems like I could turn on 480p there, and then hook it up to the projector, but the 480p option is greyed out because I'm hooked up with the original cable which only does 480i. I'm caught in a catch-22.

My question: Is there another way to force the Wii to switch over to 480p. Alternately, is there a *cheap* box that can convert the signal for me?
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Doesn't the Wii remote rumble a bit when you move over a button? Worse come to worse you can just remember the sequence of button clicks and do it blind on the projector, using the rumbles to guide you.
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Best answer: This is a long shot, but could you get the cursor pointed at the greyed-out 480p button while it's hooked up to your TV via the old cable, then swap the cable and press the A button?

This would only work if the Wii recognizes the new cable in real-time; otherwise you might need to back out of the menu and come back again, which could be difficult without seeing the screen.

Another option: I haven't experimented to see if this would work, but I think it's possible that you might get some kind of image by hooking one of the component cables up to your TV's composite input (like a black & white fuzzy image or something). If so, this should give you enough to go by to select the option you need.
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Response by poster: I thought about that, but the menu is buried about four levels deep. I'm pretty confident I could accidentally set the language to Swedish, but I don't think I'd get the video up.
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The Wii does remember settings, so if you go to another tv that does allow 480i/p, set it to 480p, and bring it back, it should work.
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Yeah, what zabuni said. The video settings should be persistent .
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Have you tried using the projector & Wii yet? I think the Wii should be able to auto-sense the resolution if there is only one possible.
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Response by poster: Rayman doesn't support 480p? Bummer. That's been my favorite game so far.
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Best answer: You have a video projector that doesn't support 480i? That sounds pretty unusual, and it might be worth re-checking the documentation. Some projectors have multipurpose inputs.

And to expand on designbot's suggestion: 3-wire component video carries the horizontal and vertical sync signals oon the Green cable. Hooking up the Green component cable to the composite input of your tv may give you a usable signal (there's also a possibility it will cause irreversible damage if it's a CRT, since you're feeding it progressive and it's expecting interlaced).

You don't mention whether you've tried hooking the component cable to the projector with the Wii in 480i, but I'll assume you have and it didn't work, since that's the obvious "plug and play" thing to try. If the component cable works in 480i and 480p, the safest thing is probably to use that cable with its Green connected to your composite TV, arrow down to the 480p option, then power down or disconnect the TV before hitting select
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As contraption says, you can probably hook up the green signal wire from the new cable to the composite in. It'll almost certainly give you a picture that, while just black and white, is good enough to flip the setting. If green doesn't work, try the other two cables just in case. They're not likely to work if green doesn't, but it just takes a few extra seconds to try.

I don't think you'll damage your TV from an out-of-sync signal, but early computer monitors could indeed be damaged that way (I broke one myself, in fact) so turning off right before you press the Final Button would be a good idea.

Alternately, you can find a buddy with a set that does both. Wiis are hard to get, and your friends will probably enjoy the demo. :)
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Response by poster: Excellent work everyone. Green cable did it. Got enough of a picture to select 480p on the TV. Hooked it up to the projector, and everything is working! Hooray!

I'll have to switch when I want to play Rayman, but Sports and Zelda work fine.
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